Discover the freedom to personalize your experience with our pack of 75 single-use DIY Capsules. Crafted from recyclable aluminum, these capsules are tailor-made for effortless use with your BEED Machine, letting you enjoy your selected material just the way you like it.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Prepare Your Material: Measure out .5g of your chosen flower and grind it finely.
  2. Fill the Capsule: Transfer your ground material into the DIY Capsule.
  3. Kickstart Your BEED Machine: Press the button to initiate.
  4. Position Your Cone: Slide in a standard, size 1 ¼ cone with the tip pointing down.
  5. Set the Capsule: Place your filled DIY Capsule into your BEED Machine, colored side down.
  6. Press and Enjoy: Hit the button once more, wait for 20 seconds, and your roll is ready.

Need a visual guide? Watch our step-by-step video below. Ready for more? Click HERE to shop.